Video Security made easy.

Netcam Studio offers all the features you can expect form a modern and professional video surveillance software.

Monitor your home and office at any time and be informed about ongoing activity.

Free Version Features

The free version can be used for personal use. The restrictions of the free version are: 2 video sources limit, the Netcam Studio watermark appearing over the video (recordings and streams) and limited Technical Support.

  • General
    • Runs as Windows service or System Tray application
    • 100% controlled by web services (JSON, Soap)
    • Support most local webcams and capture sources
    • Over 1500 network camera templates (Pan & Tilt and Audio on supported models)
    • Open Web Service API allows to integrate with any other application
    • Integrated Scheduler
    • Detects the network cameras on your network (uPnp, ONVIF, Lan Scanning)
    • Collect external variables (JSON, File) for using in the overlay and rule manager
  • Security
    • Motion and Speed detection
    • Audio detection
    • License plates recognition
    • Video buffering (Starts recording 2 seconds before motion is detected)
    • Constant recording (or defined by scheduler)
    • Trigger external systems based on rules (HTTP, File, Command)
    • Email notifications
    • Integrated Users Administration
  • Library
    • All images, recordings and alerts in a single place
    • Automatic synchronization of the library (Network / Nas, FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive)
    • Define your retention and synchronizations rules
  • Remote View
    • Still images and Motion Jpeg
    • Stream as HTML 5 Video with Audio (Theora/OGG or WebM/OGG)
    • Stream audio directly to web browser or smartphone
    • Remote access to alerts, recorded videos and events
    • Connect and monitor remotely using multiple NCS Clients (Windows, Web, iPhone, Mobile (Android, WP8, BB10))

Commercial Version Features

  • General
    • Allowed for commercial / professional use
    • Supports more video sources
    • Possibility to remove the Netcam Studio watermark
    • Access to technical support
  • Netcam Studio 1.7.2
  • Released on 28/03/2019