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Web Service API


One of the innovative feature in Netcam Studio is that it can be fully controlled locally or remotely by Web Services. This is how Netcam Studio Clients are exchanging information and controlling Netcam Studio Server and you can do the same from your own script or application.

The first thing to know is how to reach the Web Service. You have choice between JSON and Soap which the 2 most common types of web services. As Netcam Studio relies on WCF, you can easily modify the configuration / behaviors in the .config file of the Server if needed.

By default Netcam Studio is exposing the following endpoints:

In order to retrieve live stream, images or any stored media. You will also have to rely on Netcam Studio HTTP Interface that uses this address by default:

You can retreive the WSDL interface matching your version of Netcam Studio Server by calling:
  • http://localhost:8124/?wsdl
  • http://localhost:8124/?singleWsdl

An example

In most cases, before any other requests you need to call the /Login method in order to obtain a token.

This token is used to authenticate the user on Netcam Studio Server when performing queries or accessing media.

This token (Session Token) will expire after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Start by calling the following query:
  1. http://localhost:8124/Json/Login?username=admin&password=1234

If the default account exists and the password hasn't been changed, you will get the following result:
  1. {
  2. "PermToken": "",
  3. SessionToken": "eb311d1e-0f56-46f6-9ffe-249984e62885",
  4. "IsAuthenticated": true,
  5. "Username": "Admin",
  6. "Email": "",
  7. "Icon": "user_c3po.png",
  8. "ReadOnly": true,
  9. "LastConnection": "2013-07-02T15:45:35.7317557+02:00",
  10. "CreationDate": "2012-12-21T00:00:00+00:00",
  11. "Roles": [
  12. {
  13. ""Name": "Administrator",
  14. "Description": "Grants full rights to all features"
  15. }
  16. ],
  17. "FailedLoginMessage": ""
  18. }

After a successful login, you receive a SessionToken to use in the upcoming requests.

For getting the list of connected sources, send a GetCameras request and add the SessionToken as authToken paramter:
  1. http://localhost:8124/Json/GetCameras?authToken=eb311d1e-0f56-46f6-9ffe-249984e62885
This will return the list of connected sources and their parameters.

You can also retrieve Video, Live or Stored Images/Media this way. Make your requests to the Netcam Studio HTTP Interface and provide the token you have received during the Login as authToken parameter:

Methods List

The full list of Web API methods and parameter types is listed here:
WebAPI Methods
  • Netcam Studio 1.7.2
  • Released on 28/03/2019