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Netcam Studio offers all the features you can expect form a modern and professional video surveillance software.

Monitor your home and office at any time and be informed about ongoing activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need Netcam Studio Server and Client?
    Netcam Studio Server has no user interface. It is the application that will connect to your cameras, monitor them and allow remote access. In order to control this application, a Client is needed (there are several versions, and the most complete is the Windows Client). By connecting to NCS Server using NCS Windows Client, you can connect new video sources, setup the motion detection and monitor your video sources locally or remotely.
  • What are the default username and password for Netcam Studio Server?
    After installing, Netcam Studio Server has one default account. The username for this account is "Admin" and the password is "1234". It is suggested to change this password as soon as installation is completed and to write down the new password in a secure place.
  • What ports are used by Netcam Studio Server?
    By default, Netcam Studio Server used the port 8100 for the HTTP Server (images, stream and web client) and the port 8124 for the JSON Webservices (Webservice API).
  • Do I need to open the ports 8100 and 8124 in my firewall and router?
    Those ports must be opened and forwarded if you want to access your Netcam Studio Server from outside your home/office network. During the installation, the firewall exceptions are automatically created (if you use the default Windows Firewall). To forward ports on your router, this operation is different on every router. Please visit PortForward to obtain the specific instructions for your router. The first thing to do is to setup a static IP address to the computer running Netcam Studio Server (for instance and to create the rules that forward TCP Ports 8100 and 8124 from the router to the computer running Netcam Studio. This way it should be possible to connect to Netcam Studio over Internet on your external / WAN IP address which you can find by visiting IP Chicken. If you want to access using your smartphone when you are not at home, you will have to use the external / WAN IP address as well.
  • How can I connect my cameras?
    In the NCS Windows Client, the upper left area is dedicated to video sources. You can connect a new one by pressing the (+) button and following the wizard. Once connected your sources are listed in the same area under Sources so you can easily switch from one to another. Netcam Studio can detect most Network cameras on your network using different methods: uPnp, Lan Scan and ONVIF. Press the Browse... button in the Network camera connection wizard to see the detected cameras.
  • Every time I restart Netcam Studio, I have to re-enable the motion detection. Why is it not saved?
    Features like the motion and audio detection are driven by the scheduler. If you want the motion detection to be enabled automatically afer a restart of the application, you have to define the days and periods using the scheduler for a specific video source. This way the settings will be saved and the motion detection starting automatically during the defined periods.
  • Netcam Studio 1.7.2
  • Released on 28/03/2019